Laser Hair Removal - Starting at $100+


Angel Aesthetics offers high end laser hair removal with one of the best lasers in the business. The Cutera laser platform is our laser of choice because of its efficiency as well as its results. 

Laser hair removal is a process that involves lasering an area of hair. Although it will not permanently remove the hair, it will reduce it significantly and lessen the amount of shaving or other methods of removal. Laser hair removal is a great long term solution to help you cut back on grooming time and feel your best always. 

Pricing is different for all areas, please inquire or schedule a consultation to receive specific area pricing. 

Laser Genesis - starting at $300+ 


The laser genesis is another one of our most sought after results based treatment at Angel Aesthetics. Also part of the Cutera laser platform, this treatment aims to improve skins texture, reduce wrinkles, pore size, acne and much more. 

How does it work? This laser works by heating the upper dermis to stimulate an promote collagen growth. Treatments can be perfomed in under 45 minutes and results will be seen almost immediately. Patients notice an immediate glow and plumping of the skin but continue to notice results within days and weeks of a single treatment. 

It is recommend that this treatment is performed on a monthly to bi-monthly basis. 

Skin Advanced members receive one laser genesis treatment per month with their $199 membership fee. 

IPL - Starting at $300+


Sun damage is very common, but even more common in the state of Colorado. Not only are we closer to the sun, but we are also very active and enjoy our 365 days of sunshine. 

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. Part of the Cutera platform, this treatment is great for targeting and reversing the effects of sun damage. 

The IPL treatment can be performed on the following areas:

  • Face, Neck, Chest
  • Hands, Arms, Shoulders, Back
  • Legs

Please consult with Angel prior to scheduling this appointment to determine if you are a candidate for IPL.

Skin Advanced members receive one face IPL treatment per month with their $199 membership fee. 

Vein Removal - Starting at $100+


Veins. We all have them, but when we start to see them is when they bother us. 

It is not known when or if you will start to notice unsightly veins. They can be hereditary or caused by friction or damage to a specific area of skin. 

Angel is able to help diminish the appearance of veins on the face and other common areas. Depending on the severity of the vein results can be seen immediately or after a few treatments.